Dalie georginie

These beautiful flowers usually show off all their rich color palette in the garden. However, nothing stands in the way, to plant them in boxes and pots.

Dalie, popularly known as Georgians, bloom from early July to fall. New, miniature and medium-sized varieties of these flowers are perfect for growing in boxes on balconies. In turn, in a large pot you can plant medium or tall dahlias. Such an original balcony will surely catch the eyes of your neighbors.

Dahlia flowers are characterized by a great variety of colors (only the blue-flowering variety is not there). The shape of the inflorescences also depends on the variety (they can be spherical or flattened) and their size: the small ones are only 3.5-5 cm in diameter, medium – 8-10 cm, they even have great ones 30 cm in diameter!

CAUTION: All dahlias like the sun. Therefore, it is best suited for balconies with south and south-west exposure.