Little dogs – great needs

dog2They are much easier to care for and less expensive to maintain than their larger cousins. But does that mean, that their needs are just as small, like sizes? Well no. Small dogs require a lot of tenderness and care.

For many lovers and owners of small dogs, the issue of caloric requirements inversely proportional to the size of the dog may be a surprise.! For example: weight schnauzer 5 kilograms need approx. 367 kcal per day, and a Labrador weighing 35 kilograms – ok. 1584 kcal. Per kilogram of body weight, a Labrador requires 45 kcal, and the schnauzer is ok. 73,4 kcal / kg – that is over 60% more.

So, preparing the right menu for your little favorite yourself is quite an art. In addition, small dogs are real gourmets – they are often picky. Due to these "moods" and stomach capacity, it's best to give your little pet food twice a day.

It is not enough to feed a miniature dog to its heart's content. This very intensively working organism needs nutrients in the right proportions. That is why it is worth looking for special food for small dogs in pet stores. It is wholesome and properly balanced food based on natural ingredients. It contains appetizing meat granules with the addition of real white rice and vegetables (beans, carrots, peas), enriched with a delicious meat sauce. The smaller size of the granules are ideally suited to the size of a small mouth. A perfect addition to such food are crispy croissants with tasty meat filling.

A healthy snack
Small dogs often "ask" their owners for a cookie or chocolate. Unfortunately, most owners succumb to these whims. They give their pets not only sweets, but also small cubes. They don't know about it, that bones can damage a sensitive canine's stomach. Better to give your pet a healthy and delicious snack, intended specifically for animals. You can easily buy them in pet stores or large veterinary clinics.