Flowers during your vacation

waterIt's worth thinking, what to do, so that during our absence the flowers do not wither. There are a few simple ones, easy-to-apply ideas, that will help to solve this problem.

Best, a well-tried method is to arrange the plants in a bath of water, which, however, should not reach above the edges of the pots. For plants, which do not tolerate water retention in the roots, compulsory "soaking" would not be beneficial.

We irrigate them with a special device or a wick made of string, Place one end in water and the other in a pot.

A plastic soda bottle will be an excellent dispenser, if we fill it with water and put it in the ground, neck down.

If the flowers are not large, we put them on a deep tray, pour water on the bottom and cover it with a foil bag.

You can also store the plants on a shaded balcony – we put them in a large dish, for example, in an old bath tub, and sprinkle it with peat, so that it covers the pots. Peat should be watered abundantly.