Little dog home

dog4Little dogs are here, just like cats, very picky. They must have extremely caloric food, The 60 proc. more nutritious than that for their big brothers. You also need to adjust the shape and size of food to small mouths. Minipsa karmimy 2-3 times a day, taking care of it above all, to give the nutrients in the right proportions. It's best to use a ready-made one (dry and wet) food, which is properly balanced for the needs of a small organism.

Over the years, when the dogs become less mobile, you need to change your diet to an easily digestible one, but containing high-quality proteins. Protein keeps muscles in good condition.

Pretty, because it's clean
Due to their height, small dogs are particularly exposed to dust, bride, chemical compounds, microorganisms. It is especially troublesome in autumn and winter. So you have to take care to keep the paws clean, hair, as well as the eyes!


Cheerful, nice, living dog, endowed with cleverness and great intelligence. It is not noisy, but very vigilant. Dogs of this breed were the favorites of the Medici princes, and also Tsarina Catherine, Empress Maria Theresa, Madame de Pompadour.

The smallest dog in the world was probably known to the Aztecs. Friendly, willing to caress, learns easily, alert.

Chinese crested dog
It was known in China in the 13th century. Cheerful, intelligent, needs a lot of affection. He doesn't trust strangers. Suitable for allergy sufferers.

Yorkshire terrier
Initially, they were used to fight rats in the corridors of the Yorkshire Coal Mine. York is a real lion in a miniature body. A great watchman, brave. He only trusts you, prefers to be very restrained towards strangers.