Cultivation of twist

Position. The twist should be in a visible place, but not in direct sunlight. It grows poorly in the sun, and its leaves turn yellow, on the other hand, in the case of a lack of light, it may have nice foliage, however, it does not bloom.

The optimum temperature for the twisted pair is 20-24 ° C in summer (above 26 ° C it stops growing, and its flowers wither quickly) and 15-18 ° C in winter, so that he can go through a period of rest (drops below 10 ° C may cause brown spots on the leaves). The wireworm likes a lot of fresh air, but he hates drafts. It is sensitive to gas fumes and cigarette smoke. It has brittle and brittle leaves, therefore it should be set like this, so that it is not subject to any knocks.

Subsoil. Twister grows best in fertile conditions, permeable substrate with a slightly acidic reaction (pH 5,5-6,0). It may be a mixture of leaf soil, peat and sand (in proportion by volume 1:1:1,5). At the bottom of the pot, we must arrange drainage.

We change the earth in the spring of each year. We plant the twist in the same pot or not much larger, taking care, so as not to place it deeper than it has grown so far.

Watering. Let's remember, that the twist suffers from excess moisture. The root collar is very sensitive, which rots easily, which in a short time leads to the death of the entire plant. Therefore, you only need to pour water into the saucer (its excess should be removed after several minutes). Let's use soft water at room temperature, without chlorine (it causes the leaf margins to die off). In the summer, we water the plant co 3-4 days, so that the substrate is not too wet, and less often in winter.

The spinal cord likes moist air, but do not spray it, because unsightly light spots appear on wet leaves, and the flowers rot easily and are attacked by gray mold. This plant is very resistant to overdrying – even withered after watering it recovers quickly
turgor (if it has flower buds, then maybe them then, unfortunately, lose).

Fertilization. We do not have to fertilize the twister too abundantly. It is enough to feed it with a weak fertilizer solution once a day 3-4 weeks. We only fertilize single-leaf species more often.