Cube chessboard (Fritillaria meleagris)

checkerboard-shapedIt occurs wild in Europe – e.g.. in northern Yugoslavia, southern part of Russia, sometimes it can also be seen in central France and the south of England. It grows in river valleys, in drained swamps, often in large groups. The onions are spherical, slightly flattened, diameter up to 3 cm. Plants grow tall 30-40 cm. They have thin stems with a few narrow leaves, finished with a flower of length 3-3,5 cm. In many varieties the petals of the flower are covered with square spots. Varieties with white flowers are planted in the gardens, clear- and dark purple.

Diced checkerboard grows well in sunny places and in partial shade, in moist soil, slightly acidic. It blooms at the same time as the imperial chessboard, that is, at the turn of April and May.

The cube chessboard is under protection in Poland. The only place, where it grows wild, there are wet meadows in the San valley near Przemyśl.