How to get rid of horsetail and moss

lawnHorsetails are found on neglected lawns, poorly turfed. They are typical for nutrient-poor and acidic soils.

Fighting: liming the lawn, preferably with horticultural lime or chalk in a dose of 50 g / m2, intensive nitrogen fertilization, rolling. We can use chemical preparations, e.g.. Chwastox (in liquid), Ustinex i Agritox. Weeds are best sprayed in early spring or July.

How to fight moss?
Moss can be a real scourge of lawns. It is an indicator of excessive soil moisture and a lack of calcium (strong acidification). It grows especially on compacted soils, poorly aerated, in shady places.

Fighting: the first treatment is lawn aeration. Compacted turf should be ruffled with a sharp rake, and then punch holes with an aerator, pitchfork, spikes or a metal tube (Throw away the soil "plugs", and leave small holes on the lawn – please don't worry, they will quickly overgrow with grass!). Be sure to check, whether in places, where moss grows, water is not collecting and is draining properly. Then lime the lawn as in the fight against horsetail. Covering the grass with a 1-2 cm layer of sand can also give good results (the grass will do just fine, and the moss should die). You have to remember, that the moss is quite resistant to most herbicides; they are only effective at fairly high concentrations, which in turn can be dangerous to grass.