How to propagate a chessboard

bulbWild chessboards reproduce both from seed, as well as from adventitious bulbs. Thanks to this, their positions can last for several dozen years, even in difficult mountain conditions. In the garden, they can also be reproduced in both ways. However, we will not get large flowering plants after several years of cultivation.

It is easiest to separate the adventitious bulbs, however, most species make up very few. If we want to get a lot of plants, let's plant the seeds. It is best to sow them immediately after harvesting in a box or pot filled with a light substrate and sunk to the brim in the ground on a garden bed.. Little, "Chives" seedlings appear in the spring of the next year and then they form bulbs the size of grains of rice or peas. We care for them in the same way as "adult" onions.