Home gardening calendar for April

AprilCalendar home gardening work in April

■ In April, the days are much longer than in previous months. Potted plants grow vigorously, so they need to be watered abundantly and fertilized regularly.

■ Spring recovery in nature promotes rooting cuttings. We can prepare them from most potted plants and place them in water or a specially prepared substrate (preferably in a mixture of peat and sand in proportion 1:1). It is good to cover the container with the seedlings with foil, so that the leaves do not evaporate too much water.

■ Transplant well-developed seedlings of garden plants sown in February and March into small pots or plastic containers, e.g.. po nabiale. You just have to remember to make at least one hole in the bottom, to ensure the drainage of excess water. Some species, e.g.. sage and zenith, they branch out better, when we peel off their tops.

■ At the beginning of April, we plant the tubers of the begonias in the pots or boxes. Only these are suitable for growing, which are firm with distinctly swollen buds. Too soft (possibly rotten) or completely hard (dried up) must be thrown out.