The lawn after the drought

grassIt happens, that after returning from vacation or after a long absence from home, we find, that beautiful green carpet, we were so proud of, changed color; it is yellow and dry, and when mowing, whole clumps of grass can easily be broken off. What to do in this situation?

Drought and high temperature usually only inhibit the growth of grasses. For a long time, the lawn should be carefully and evenly watered, preferably with a sprinkler with a not too intense stream of water. Only when they turn green again, we mow it not too low and fertilize it with a small dose of nitrogen fertilizers.

If the grass is too dry and its tufts die off, the lawn needs to be regenerated. Fresh seeds are sown in the places of the cavities (it is best to use a regenerative mixture, e.g.. Rapid). It is rare, so that the lawn has to be completely renovated, that is to put it on from the beginning.

Dog urine is harmful to plants. Dogs most often threaten trees and shrubs, while females – lawns. In places, which repeatedly "water", salt builds up. The grass then turns yellow and brown. There will be no stains on the lawn, if we sprinkle it frequently and abundantly with water. The dog's urine will then be diluted and soaked deep into the soil. Tam, where the lawn has already been scorched, you should sow new grass or put a piece of turf from another place.