Playground for the hamster

The hamster is one of the most popular pets. Nothing unusual, because its price is small, from 6 do 10 PLN. However, at the beginning, we should add the cost of the cage or the aquarium (ok. 50 PLN) and additional toys and accessories.

The hamster cannot walk freely around the apartment, because he would be eager to chew on everything, therefore a suitable playground should be arranged for him within the cage. A small house cannot be missing here (ok. 7 PLN) and a running reel (ok. 5 PLN).

A special ball is a good solution, which can be removed from the stand and the hamster closed in it, released from the cage. The bottom of the cage should be covered with a thick layer of sawdust, because the hamster loves to dig them up. He also has a habit of burying food scraps in them, therefore the cage should be cleaned frequently. The hamster is an omnivorous animal, but we should feed him first of all with grain mixtures.

Fruit can complement its menu, cheeses, lettuce, carrot. It is also worth putting twigs in the cage from time to time, on which a hamster could rub its teeth. Unlike many other rodents, the hamster can live alone and it is better not to look for a partner for him, unless we want to quickly become owners of a large breeding farm. Hamsters become sexually mature after eight weeks, and in one litter is born to 12 chomiczych maleństw. Chomik seczuański jest wyjątkowo łagodny, but there are aggressive individuals among other species. If we get one, can't do it, two years (because that's how much hamsters live) we must put up with the choleric mood.