A hunter dog won't like a rabbit

“We have a fox terrier at home, and the children also dream of a bunny or a guinea pig. But I have heard, that dogs of this breed do not like small animals”

Actually, if you give in to the children's request, trouble can arise from it. The fox terrier belongs to hunting dogs, who are not friends with small animals. That's all for them, what's moving, especially when he runs away, she is a natural victim. So the dog wants to catch up with her, kill, and then bring it to the owner as guide of the herd. He also expects praise for a successful hunt. Terriers also behave in a similar way, dachshunds and greyhounds.

Sometimes you can convince dogs to join a small animal, which are only designed to scare the game or retrieve it. These include spaniels, pointers, bloodhoundy, rock mounds. But you never know, won't they suddenly want to play with the bunny in ... a cat and a mouse ". The frightened pet may then die of a heart attack.

Poodles, on the other hand, easily become friends with the small inhabitants of the house, dalmatians, chow-chow. Also service and shepherd dogs, m.in. german shepherds, dobermany, boksery, great dane, bernardyny. They just need to be convinced, that the little bunny is another member of the herd, which they should protect, not attack.