We fertilize potted plants

rosllinyPlants need nutrients to thrive.
That's why you have to deliver them, by fertilizing the flowers. They will grow more luxuriantly and bloom more beautifully, when from spring to autumn (October) you will additionally feed them with fertilizers.

Most plants have moderate requirements. Powinnaś stosować nawóz raz na trzy-cztery tygodnie wiosną, and every two weeks in the summer. Among the flowers, however, there are also "fussy eaters" and "gluttons". The first are cacti, juki, palm trees, orchids and bromeliads, to the second geraniums, chinese roses, function, asparagusy i bielunie. "Niejadkom" should be dosed quite carefully, only once a month. Gluttons like to be fed even what 7-10 days.
But remember, that freshly planted plants can only start giving micronutrients after the expiry 2-3 weeks.

Do not fertilize from October to March. You can only power tropical plants, that do not go into dormancy, and flowers that bloom in winter – African violets, zygocactus, cyclamens (use half the usual dose).

Ask at the florist, what fertilizer will be suitable for your plants. The one in the form of a powder spreads over the surface of the earth and mixes gently with it. The flowers are watered with a solution of liquid fertilizer, it can also be used to spray leaves (in a slightly lower concentration). The sticks are stuck to the ground.

Too often a fertilized plant grows very quickly, but it does not bloom. It may even start to waste away! Then stop feeding for a few months or replace the flower in a new pot.