The creativity of the jay knows no bounds

sojkaAt the end of September, the colony of jays experiences an earthquake. Birds come from all sides. Everyone carries the throat after 12 acorns, a few may still fit in the beak. They cover their regular route dozens of times a day, from sunrise to sunset, for almost four weeks. During this time, the jay is able to place near the nest even to 10 thousand acorns. Each in a different clipboard! With such stocks, winter is not a threat to jays.

Such a flight is risky for life. This is because jays are poor flyers and have no chance of meeting a hawk or a sparrowhawk in the open.. That is why they only build their nests there, where they are able to hide: in the forest.

Jays' creativity in hiding winter supplies is enormous. They hide them according to a certain pattern. E.g: one jay hides its supplies 60 centimeters west of the large oak, her neighbor – meter east of this place. Their plan to hide their supplies for the winter is hard-coded in their heads! Therefore, as a rule, they find their treasures without much trouble under the layer of snow. However, many acorns remain in the ground until spring. This is not a coincidence: the young shoots developing from them are, after all, a great delicacy for chicks.

One spring I discovered it, that the jays chose a place under a large oak growing in my home garden for their winter pantry. It was close, that a real oak forest would grow under my windows!