Blooming box at home

flowerSpring in winter? It really is possible! After all, you can plant bulbs at home now, from which, right after the New Year, multicolored flowers, reminiscent of spring, will grow and bloom, e.g.. hiacynty, dwarf tulips, narcissi and crocuses and primula. Please, remember, to provide plants with plenty of light during this period, heat and moisture, and they will certainly repay us with a riot of colors.

If we want to grow bulbs in a pot, we have to follow a few rules. First of all, the bulbs planted in the ground must not touch each other, and their ends should protrude above the ground. The flower pot must stand in a dark and cool place.

We can grow glaucoma in our home box, whose flowers resemble roses. Against their background, a decorative dice checkerboard will look nice. Its single, bell-shaped flowers are most often purple-pink or green-white in color.

Good work:
When preparing a spring flower pot, you must remember, that the bulbs hate stagnant water. When there is too much of it, they rot immediately. Therefore, each bulb should be sprinkled with gravel or pebbles before planting, which will protect it from excessive moisture.