When the humpback whales sing, the herring is cooking to death

humbakIt exists among cetaceans, great marine mammals, a certain species, which he was able to perfect the art of fishing in an astonishing way. To humbak, inhabiting the waters of all oceans. In winter, it hunts in the cool polar seas, In summer, it basked in the mild waters of the tropics.

Observers, exploring the life of these extremely interesting creatures, discovered, that in the last twenty years humpback whales have completely changed hunting habits.

At depth 45 meters to a foraging shoal of herring, a herd of humpback whales approaches. They circle part of it and, at the command of their guide, change the position of the side fins, showing the herring their white inside. The frightened little fish gather together, and then the warden goes out, which gradually reaching a high c scares the herring towards the ocean's surface. If the shafts had decided to attack now, the herring would scatter in all directions and the prey would not be very much. To prevent this from happening, shafts draw in depth 15 meters of wheel, releasing thousands of air bubbles. This creates a gas cylinder, which closes the fish like in a can. They could easily overcome the alleged obstacle, but fear prevents them! The shafts are storming. With their mouths wide open, they float upwards, swallowing everything, what will come their way. The fish jump above the waves, but humpback whales are great acrobats and their 40-ton bodies mercilessly glide in the wake of the terror of their victims, giving them no chance.