My dog ​​testifies to me

pies2Lots of pet owners, dogs in particular, reasoning selfishly. They think, that the whole world should submit to them, and their pets are allowed to do anything. And this world is divided into these, what animals like, these, who fear them and, unfortunately, against those, what they don't like. The basis of coexistence with people is respecting the feelings of others, tolerance and respect for social norms.

When deciding to buy a dog, we should invest in his upbringing and learning at the same time. The dog must respond to our orders, and not to make unexpected decisions on your own. It cannot be aggressive towards people and other animals. Make noise all the time (howl, bark), disturbing the peace of the neighbors, or show them excessive effusiveness, jumping on them.

Taking him for a walk, let's be careful, so that it does not destroy the environment, he did not take care of the physiological needs under the residents' windows or in the children's sandbox, he did not chase birds and stray cats. All accusations, falling on a badly behaved dog should be directed to its owner. The dog is a very intelligent and teachable animal, but always dependent on man. He shapes it and should bear full responsibility.