The enchanted world of the aquarium

aquarium“The aquarium is a nice decoration for the apartment and at the same time a lively source of educational entertainment; by gathering aquatic plants and animals in a reservoir suitable for their life”.
Thus wrote in 1856 year, the famous German aquarist Emil Adolf Rossmassler. The fashion for aquarium hobby has been going on in Europe since the 19th century. Huge aquariums were built in zoos. Interesting fish were brought from the most distant corners of the world. Heating systems were improved, water aeration and purification. Efforts were made to create conditions similar to the natural environment, the fish that live in them. To this day, the aquarium departments in zoos are a wonderful wizarding world full of beauty and color. You can watch the life of its inhabitants for hours.

Aquaristics is not only an aesthetic experience, it is primarily ecology, that is, the study of organisms in "their home”. (Oikos in Greek means home, a logos -nauka). Behind the glass, we see a separate world of nature, in which the environment and living organisms are inextricably linked and interact with each other.

We can have such an enchanted world only to ourselves, in your own home. But before we set up an aquarium, the habits of the fish should be familiarized with, we want to breed. We must know, which fish can live together, and which will fight each other. What to feed them with, what plants live in their natural environment, what should the water temperature be, how much air they need, lights. Even the most beautiful goldfish, enclosed in a glass ball, we will not enjoy it for a long time, let alone that, that he will not fulfill our wishes, because he falls asleep from not having enough oxygen.