Terrace for users of a residential attic

Terrace for users of a residential attic.

Terrace for users of a residential attic; in the cut out of a part of the roof, space is obtained for a medium-sized terrace; in the exposed part, a well-insulated slab must be made – terrace floor – insulated side walls; remodel a fragment of the roof structure by replacing the joining of the extreme rafters; a glass wall with a door along the entire width of the terrace; the railing is set back in relation to the outer area of ​​the building walls, separating a fairly wide outer strip of the terrace slab, which can accommodate larger boxes for ornamental plants; attaching steel cables running from the top of the glass wall to the balustrade will allow for the construction of a sliding awning; the terrace can be supplemented with boxes with climbing greenery, positioned under the side ones, triangular walls