Sun shades and pergolas

Sun shades and pergolas.

Sun shades and pergolas:

1 – A barrier made of reed mat, on horizontally arranged wooden poles connected with vertically arranged supports; type of barrier to be used on terraces; the size depends on the number of supports and strips of the mat; the shutter protects against the sun, does not protect against rain;

2 – Plastic corrugated plate canopy, mounted on metal brackets embedded in the building wall; light seeps through a colored plate, coloring the covered space; this type of canopies are sometimes used over terraces, in summer cafes; bigger canopies are supported by posts;

3 – Pergola on the terrace; grate attached to pipes or posts; shading is achieved by interlacing the stripes of awning cloth or foil;

4 – Pergola made of wooden posts, bars and top slats (boards) serves as a structure under the green canopy of climbing plants, giving the most pleasant shade.