Types of sun visors

Types of sun visors.

Types of sun visors:

1 – Foldable window cover, generatrix – when unfolded – half-canopy shape; the device requires a specialist;

2 – Awning (shutter over the window) the most common type, folded and unfolded by a mechanism or put on only on days with strong sunlight;

3 – Shutter type – louvre plane lifted;

4 – Shutters with a traditional solution, used in single-family houses, protect against the sun, serve as protection against curious glances;

5 – The most common type of awning that protects balconies from the sun; the same type with larger dimensions is used for shading terraces and shop windows and requires a special one, folding structure and mechanisms to unfasten and retract the awning; colored awning cloths are used to make the shading plane, impregnated materials and films;

6 – Reed mats are hung on a light metal or wooden structure; vertical overhangs can be freely rolled; the mats can be attached to the structure with a string; ribbons or wire.