The state of production of rose bushes

The state of production of rose bushes. As already mentioned, Nursery production of roses has old and beautiful traditions in our country. Rose nurseries - this is an important branch of horticulture today. This department has developed very dynamically in recent years. It was caused by the demand increasing year by year, mainly from municipal public green spaces and cut flower producers, and from the ever-growing ranks of rose lovers. It was also caused, to a large extent, by restrictions on nursery fruit production in individual farms. These nurseries reduced or even eliminated the production of fruit trees and shrubs, undertaking to an ever greater extent the production of rose bushes.

Currently, the domestic demand is covered with a considerable excess, and the surpluses have been exported abroad for several years. Nursery production of roses is a highly specialized department. As can be seen from the example of many European rose nurseries, as well as our leading nursery farms - the best products are provided by farms specialized in this production, stosując u siebie najbardziej postępowe metody uprawy i śledzące stale, up to date, world progress in this field of horticultural production.

The quality requirements for the finished nursery material are currently very high; the material delivered to the market must comply with the applicable industry standard. If during the period of a shortage of roses on the market, some deviations from this norm could be tolerated, it is absolutely out of the question in the present situation. If anyone counts on it, that he will collect eyes for budding from a young one-year-old plantation and a certain number of cut flowers will definitely fail, because today there can be no question of using grafts for cut flowers, there can also be no excessive use of the eyelets; shrubs devastated in this way cannot be admitted to the market as non-compliant with the requirements of the standard.

As evidenced by the opinions of our importers and many foreign visitors, our nursery production of roses represents a good European level today, which takes on a specific expression, if it weighs in, that we do not yet have such equipment at our disposal, such tools and devices, which can be found in leading European nurseries.