Selection of plants for the slopes

Goods – slopes.

The gentle slopes give the gardens an interesting character, while steep slopes can cause nightmares. Whether to cut a zigzag path in such a slope and balance it on one foot? Is it better to be tempted to create a much more attractive one?, but also extremely time-consuming terraces? Erecting terraces is also time-consuming and expensive, requires appropriate drainage planning and the construction of appropriate retaining walls. It's all true. But once we have terraces, the steps connecting them run from one flat surface to the next, each of which gives us great opportunities to create interesting plant compositions.

Selection of plants for the slopes

In the case of slopes, their location and place are very important, from which we will look at them. The best location is this one, when the slope has a southern exposure and we look at it from below, admiring the shimmering, rainbow colors of plants preferring sunny locations. Unfortunately, the view from above will not be as attractive anymore. The shaded slopes are by no means a disaster, especially when they are covered with trees. Such slopes are an excellent position for ferns and forest plants with dense foliage and small flowers.

• The soil on the slope is easily eroded; plant root systems by binding the soil, they stabilize it on a slope.

• The slopes are usually dry. To make your life easier and take care of your plants properly, it is best to install even the simplest irrigation system on them.

• The soil should be loosened before planting the plants. Let's remember, to form dimples this way, where we plant plants, so that the water does not run off them.

• To channel the water directly into the root system, it is enough to dig a short section of a drainage pipe or even a pot into the ground next to the plant, in this way, that its upper edge protrudes slightly above the ground level. Thanks to this, the roots will not dry out as a result of water running off the slope.

Plants for sunny slopes:

Large-flowered abelia (Abelia grandifbra)
No Californian (Ceanothus thynsiflorus)
Purge (A purple chest)
Bindweed (Convoluted hair)
Purple foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)
Bulgarian Janowiec (genista fydia)
Aftershock (Helianthemum) odm. Wisley Primrose
Chinese collision (Collected two) odm. Pink Cloud
All species of lavender
Purple cheesecake (linaria purpurea)
Jasmine (Philadelphus) odm. Monteau d'Hermine
Zaleźniak (Bushy flowers)
Yellow iron (Phhmis russeliana)
All species of rosemary
Garden verbena (Verbena bonariensis)

Plants for shaded slopes:

Akarit soft (Bear's breeches)
Japanese maple (Maple palmate) odm, Dissection
Bergen (Bergen) odm. Sunningdale
Brunner's large-leaved (Brunnera macrophylla)
Mountain cornflower (Centaurea montana)
clematis (Clematis jouiniana Praecox)
Irga horizontal (Cotoneaster horizontalis)
All species of epimedium
Japanese euonymus (Euonymus japonjcus) odm. Emerald n Gold
The toothed geranium (Geranium nodosa)
Snow villi (Luzula leveled)
Miodunka pstra (Pulmonaria saccharata)
Tiarella sercolistna (Tiarella cordifolia)