A neglected garden

A neglected garden.

Moving to a new home, few of us will have the opportunity to find a completely clean area or garden of our dreams. Most often we face the effects of the efforts of the previous owner, which from a well-kept bed turn into an overgrown jungle of old bushes. Unfortunately, even the most charming gardens rarely live up to the expectations of the new owners. Each of us has different tastes, other needs and time, what he can spend on tending the garden. For people with little free time, caring for a large country-style garden or a large vegetable garden will prove to be a hard struggle. Feeling, that we are unable to win this fight, it is very depressing. Therefore, it is worth starting work in such a garden with an evaluation, what exactly we found, and gradually adapt it to our lifestyle.

It makes most sense to leave the garden unchanged for a year, to know all its secrets, before we decide on a new project. Admittedly, it is difficult to resist the urge to start from scratch, however, it is not worth making hasty decisions.

Removing trees and shrubs from your garden will mean you will lose your windshield, of saving shade on hot days and will cause, that our garden will no longer be visited by birds. It takes a year, to see if we love, or do we hate the roses growing in the garden, how tasty apple fruit are and what flowers will emerge from bulbs wintering in the ground.

During this time, we will also have time to find out, how we use the garden or part of it, what we can use later, possibly creating a new project or making changes. A wild corner with trees can be a wonderful place for children, a natural playground, which adults would never have been able to plan. A fragrant climbing rose, who resisted the passage of time, perhaps it is an element, which gives the garden a unique character. So instead of removing it, better to take as an inspiration for the hatch, pergolas or gazebos. And if it turns out, that we rarely use the front door and the path from the garage to the entrance at the back of the house is much more important to us? Frequently used paths should be sufficiently wide and planted with attractive vegetation all year round. Some sunny, We only notice the quiet places in the garden after some time. They will be perfect spots on the patio or terraces.