Kitchen garden

Kitchen garden

In my opinion, the kitchen garden is a unique place, in which we grow real rarities. It should not be confused with a vegetable garden, which covers a larger area and houses the discounts of cheap and common vegetables.

Planning kitchen garden

• The place should be well sunny, and the soil is permeable, easy to loosen in spring, enabling early sowing. Let's choose a place, in which perennial weeds do not grow, or clean them thoroughly.

• Increased rebates can prove useful in a tough situation, clay soil, easily crusted during hot days. Grunt, which has a lot of stones, it is not suitable for root crops, e.g.. carrots or parsnips; stones cause deformation of the roots.

• It is much easier to take care of a small area, that's why we only choose the best vegetables, growing them in quantity, what is necessary for us. Let's not think about our neighbors. Plants for salads, e.g.. lettuce, they will always be useful. Let's sow them in small amounts every two weeks, to ensure a permanent supply.

• Plants that are grown for several years, e.g.. asparagus, they will also feel good in light, well-drained soil. Growing onions with green onions, garlic, parsley, peas and beans will probably take up most of our garden.

The most important works:

• From early spring to mid-spring: very busy period, mainly loosening the soil and sowing;

• late summer: last harvest.