Necessary garden tools

Necessary garden tools.

Every gardener needs the right set of gardening tools. Over time, these tools will become our most trusted friends and allies in battle, which we will be rolling in the garden arena. Therefore, it is worth choosing them carefully and taking care of them properly. Always take a spade or fork in your hand before buying. Let's check, whether the pruner handles suit us and how its jaws work. Let's make a few moves, to convince myself, whether the tools meet our expectations. We only buy these, about which we feel, that they feel good in our hands, acting like a specialized extension of our body. Personally I think, that it is also worth paying attention to the appearance of tools and collecting them, which we just like. Completing a toolkit from scratch is quite expensive. So let's ask relatives and friends first, or by any chance they have any disposal, or let's look for places, used tools are sold. Many of them will certainly be in very good condition, and at the same time for little money.

We never do work with a tool, which is not intended for it. Countless shovel handles and forks have been broken for this reason, that they were used to pry up too heavy lumps of earth. The same goes for secateurs – if the branches are too thick, we'd better reach for the saw.


He always amuses me, when I see a person on TV trying to dig with a shovel or vice versa, trying to chase something with a spade. Both tools look similar, however, they serve completely different purposes. The spade is sharp, rectangular, digging end. In the garden, we use it primarily for digging the soil or digging holes, in which we plant trees or shrubs. Of course, the spade can also be used as a shovel, e.g.. for moving soil from one place to another. I like the most spades with stainless steel blades, which cut the earth wonderfully. On the side of the handle, the spade surface has curved edges, making it easier to push it into the soil with your foot. If for any reason working with a typical spade is too tiring for us, we can look for a spade with a smaller blade. Yes, digging will then take longer, but we will not be carrying so much heavy earth at once. Let's remember, to sharpen the spade tip regularly. The shovel is not an essential garden tool. Its blade is usually larger and arched.

Wide-toothed forks

The use of wide-toothed forks, commonly called American, it is very diverse. It may turn out quickly, that one pair is not enough for us. We use the American forks instead of a spade on compact soils, heavily weeded or rocky. They are faster and easier to work with. Moreover, they break up lumps better and loosen the soil. American forks can successfully replace ordinary forks. We can dig up vegetables with them or throw compost. This tool does not cut couch grass, and at the same time it allows it to be pulled entirely out of the overturned body.