Sowing grass with seeders

Unfortunately, we still rarely use seeders to sow grass. Various types of seeders can be used for this purpose, among which one can distinguish broadcast and row seeders, as well as less and less used seed drills ejecting seeds by centrifugal force or by means of blown air. The production of the last two types has been discontinued, because sowing with them has the same disadvantages as sowing by hand. On the other hand, the broadcast seeders ensure high uniformity of sowing. Covering the seeds can be done by the methods discussed for hand sowing.

Modern broadcast seeders are multi-functional machines and, apart from sowing seeds, they can also be used for crushing, for leveling and rolling as well as for spreading fertilizer. Such seeders cover the seeds by mixing the soil, which is disadvantageous for the reasons already discussed (uneven depth of the seeds being mixed with the soil).

Until recently, row sowing was not used when establishing lawns, because the agricultural seed drills used for this purpose gave too long row distances. The areas between the rows were easily infested with weeds, and the plants in the rows are too compacted.

The great advantage of seed drills is that the seeds are placed at the same depth. Modern seed drills are primarily designed for the renovation of lawns. These are disc seeders. They sow the seeds into grooves cut with discs to a certain depth, which can be adjusted, On the surface of the disc, the seeds fall directly to the bottom of the cut groove. During the renovation of lawns by traditional methods, seed losses occur up to 70-80%, the use of disc seeders ensures seed germination in 70%. These seeders have also proven to be good for establishing lawns. Little (7,5 cm) the row spacing after a good soil preparation does not pose a risk of weed infestation and can be quickly taken over by grass roots. After the first mowing, the rows become invisible.

The undoubted advantage of row sowing is the good use of seeds and their even emergence. Row seeders, as do modern broadcast seed drills, are multifunctional machines of high performance. Various mixing or cutting tools can be mounted at the front end, driven by, engine.