Composter – Other ingredients

Composter – Other ingredients.

Water is almost always essential, unless the composted material consists of a large amount of fresh green waste. Adequate humidity should be taken care of especially immediately after composting the mass and after possibly mixing it. The composter should be in a shaded place. However, if for various reasons we are forced to locate it in a more sunny place, It may also be necessary to add water in hot weather. The composted material should be moist, although excess moisture is disadvantageous. Good material is compared to a firmly squeezed sponge – if we squeeze it tightly in the hand, it shouldn't fall apart, nor should water leak out of it.

The use of activators, also called starters, never hurt, on the contrary – they contain bacteria and molds, under the influence of which organic substances are decomposed. However, their use is not essential, because the right microorganisms are contained in the soil, which we pour over the individual layers of compost. We can purchase appropriate preparations in garden centers, accelerating the decomposition of composted material. You can also use manure as activators, slurry or horn meal or blood meal. An excellent source of composting bacteria is even a small amount of mature compost.

Layers of the earth, except that, that they provide composting bacteria, they also ensure adequate aeration of the composted mass. It is good to add a small amount of clay soil or loam. These additives contribute to the permanent caries. We can also enrich compost with wood ash, which will provide the material with valuable potassium.

Proper insulation of the composter enables the activity of composting bacteria also in winter. It is especially important for small containers. However, the bottom must not be insulated, to allow the free movement of earthworms. We can use bubble plastic to insulate the walls of the composter. We can also cover it with plastic bags filled with old ones, zgniecionymi gazetami. Regardless of the type of material used, the insulation must be positioned in this way, so that you can easily remove it if necessary and add another layer to the composter.