Improving soil properties

Improving soil properties.

Soil, which we find in our garden, it should only be a starting point for us. Through treatments that improve its structure, organic fertilization and mulching, we will certainly be able to improve its properties. After several years of appropriate actions, the effects of our work will be very clear. To start a vegetable garden, my husband and I had to tear down the old one, asphalt driveway. The soil beneath him was, of course, extremely poor. We dug it deep, adding a lot of compost and manure. After the first year in our new vegetable garden, we obtained a good harvest. In some places, it was impossible to plant delicate seeds, due to the large amount of compacted soil. We planted seed potatoes there, and some vegetables, e.g.. lettuce, green beans or sweet corn, we grew under glass from seedlings.

Ways to improve soil properties.

The old horticultural adage says: Nourish the soil, not a plant ". Actually, Natural fertilization provides the soil with organic matter, which is the main source of nutrients for the organisms living in it. Thanks to organic matter, biological life develops in the soil, which affects the soil structure and its absorbent properties. As a result of this matter, light soils increase their water capacity and fertility, and clay soils become less firm. In nature, decaying plants nourish the earth, their leaves, shoots and roots. We usually remove dead plants or their parts from the garden. And since we clean up this natural wealth, it is worth storing them on a composter. This way we will obtain a great fertilizer, with which we enrich the soil. This is what nature itself does.

To 75% the composition of the plant material, which gets into the soil, may be water. The rest is primarily coal, oxygen, hydrogen and minerals, such as: azote, Phosphor, potassium sulfur, calcium, magnesium and trace elements, which are released during the decomposition process. When organic matter enters the soil, it is attacked by a real army of soil organisms. As you can see, adding organic matter to the soil enlivens the soil in the literal sense.