Composter – Waste selection

Composter – Waste selection.

Theoretically, almost any material is suitable for composting, which was previously a form of life (at least on our planet). Therefore, not only garden waste will be suitable, but also most of the kitchen waste. If we have a large amount of the material at our disposal, e.g.. cut grass, we have to mix it with another material, e.g.. leaves or torn newspapers. The decomposition process of conifers and evergreen plants usually takes a long time, therefore it is better to use this material as mulch in forest gardens. We can only add sawdust in small amounts, remembering, to mix it well with the rest of the material.

Fragments of thorn plants, just like sick plants, better to burn, unless we are experienced gardeners, who know, how to compost such material as well. We should also avoid stockpiling weed roots. They can be composted, alepo uprzednim wysuszeniu lub moczeniu w wodzie przez okres przynajmniej jednego miesiąca. Meat waste, including bones, better to give to your friends, who will make their dogs happy with them. Speaking of dogs, it is dog droppings that are perfect for composting, just like the droppings of other pets. Old newspapers and cardboard are also suitable materials, if we soak and crush them beforehand. Feathers and hair will also increase the value of our compost. I know a few passionate gardeners, who even throw their nail clippings into the composter!