Buildings and equipment of a rose nursery

Buildings and facilities. Rose nurseries do not set too high requirements in this respect. I will limit myself here to listing only these buildings, devices and tools, which are necessary for the proper running of a rose nursery. I do not include living quarters here at all, office and economic, which are included in each horticultural farm. The equipment program listed below should be regarded as a minimum plan.

A building is essential in the nursery or in its close vicinity, which will fulfill the following objectives: protection of employees against unfavorable weather conditions, place to dress up, washing, to rest and eat, and to clean and store the scions, devices and tools, fertilizers and plant protection products, materials for packing and shipping scions and shrubs; it will also be a packing facility for the expedition of scions and bushes. With countless functions, what this building must meet, can be seen, that it must be quite extensive, bright and well protected against weather conditions; however, it does not need to be heated. A decent shed can fulfill all of the functions set. The nature of this building will depend primarily on this, or terrain, on which the nursery is to be established, it is own or leased land. On leased land, the manufacturer is usually limited to a rather makeshift building.

It is true that it goes beyond the minimum plan, but it is by all means advisable to have the so-called. winterizer, i.e.. room-shed intended for the wintering of rose bushes and rootstocks. Such a winter box enables keeping it during the winter, no loss, material not sold in the fall, this material in the spring, unlike the material pitted in the ground, it starts growing much later, which allows you to extend the expedition. Also, planting rootstocks that are not advanced in vegetation is very beneficial. Such wintering plants were once built of wood, giving a layer of sawdust to the inside of the side and gable walls. The roof was covered with straw. Buildings of this kind were very good; in winter they did not require heating, in summer they were cool. Currently, buildings of this type are made of bricks or hollow blocks, usually leaving free space in the walls as insulation. The construction of the building should be like this, that during the winter, bez ogrzewania, the temperature did not drop below - 3 ° C. During the summer, such a winterizer can also fulfill many functions required from the previously discussed outbuilding - it is therefore highly useful.

The equipment needed to operate the nursery should be provided with: electric motor leaf removal machine, as well as dumbbells for tying bushes into bundles and a larger trestle or a machine for packing into bales.

You should have the special tools: reversible plow, planets for moving the soil, a good sprayer and a plow for plowing ready bushes.

You also need nursery chains or lines and possibly cylindrical tools for making holes, very useful when planting strong R rootstocks. multiflora.

In the above set, I did not include the basic tools for soil cultivation and various care treatments, limited only to tools and special equipment.