Berberys ottawski ‘Silver Miles’

Berberys ottawski ‘Silver Miles’
(Berberis ottawiensis Silver Miles)
Description: Tall shrub with shoots hanging downwards in an arc 2,5 m wys. i 2,5 m times. Leaves to 3 cm length. dark red with light discoloration with a silver sheen. The flowers are numerous, large, gathered in dangling clusters, yellow-orange. Ovate fruit, red ones appear in the fall.

Berberys ottawski ‘Superba
(Berberis ottawiensis Superba)
Description: Strongly growing, completely winter hardy, arched shrub to 2,5 m wys. i 2,5 m times. Leaves roundish to oval, dark, red-violet. The flowers are small, yellow with a red blush. Red fruit, jajowate.

Berberys pośredni ‘Red Jewel
(Berberis media Red Jewel)
Description: Partially evergreen shrub with straight stems, slow growing to 1 m wys. i 2 m times. Shiny purple-red leaves, elliptical, intensely reddish-brown in autumn. Yellow flowers in May, june. The fruit is small, black.

Berberys Thunberga ‘AtropurpNana
(Berberis thunbergii Atropurp.Nana)
Description: Slowly growing, low shrub to 50 cm h. Reddish-violet leaves, minor. Yellow flowers. The fruit is small, Red. The use of low hedges, ground cover plant.

Berberys Thunberga ‘Atropurpurea
(Berberis thunbergii Atropurpurea)
Description: Dense shrub to 2 m wys. Oval leaves, purple, shining red in autumn. Pale yellow flowers with a red blush. The fruit is oblong, Red. Application for group plantings, natural habitat hedges.