How to make the first garden nicely?

How to make the first garden nicely?

It's soon spring and we're going to the gardens, maybe you've seen something interesting, some novelties that producers of garden articles, e.g. lighting, have for us, decor, bushes, I am asking for examples in this thread, this will be my first garden. We moved in before winter, and it's time to clean up outside.

Only advice, what can i give you, is to plan everything first, draw on a piece of paper, what do you want where to have. As for the articles and solutions themselves, it's hard to advise anything, I do not know, do you want a recreational garden, where you can sit among flowers and shrubs, to organize a barbecue party, swing on a garden swing, or maybe you want to create a place full of flowers, in which man resides only for this, to cultivate plants? Od tego wiele zależy.

Spotlights can be used to illuminate the garden, which most often have wedges for hammering or fastening with screws. Outdoor lighting should have an appropriate class of protection against moisture and water with a low protective voltage of 12V. I propose energy-saving LED lighting, which can stay on all night.

I like the gazebos very much. This is what I dream about in my garden.

I think, that apart from greenery, which is obviously an important part of any garden, paths are also important, which should be made of high-quality stone. I chose among the paving stones from Silesia myself, so I can recommend this company to you as well. They have a large selection of picks from all leading manufacturers.

Oh yes, a gazebo is a great idea for the garden. In summer, you can move there from the dining room and eat outside :). I would choose something from square gazebos for my garden – not quite big, but perfect for my small garden.

the Dłutkos gazebo in the upper photo – website