What basic gardening tools will be needed to care for a medium-sized garden?

What basic gardening tools will be needed to care for a medium-sized garden?

Purchase garden tools only makes sense then, when they are used regularly, and this depends on the size of our garden, the time we can devote to its care and the type of plants grown. A lot also depends on our physical condition. Elder people, those who are undermined by overexertion should certainly have more mechanical tools.

To cut:

  • Sekator – indispensable in both large ones, and small gardens. The most commonly used are double-blade secateurs with a knife shear, where the upper blade and lower shearbar are movable and sharp. It is a type of secateurs with versatile use. Another model is a pruner with a flat shear bar, where only the top blade has the cutting edge. The blades should be made of high-grade steel and covered with non-stick coatings, The pruning shears must be adjustable in terms of the width of the handles to fit the size of the hand, plastic coated handle or – even better – rubberized and a strap for hanging the tool on the hand
  • Secateurs on the extension arm (garden lances) – tree keepers should obtain them, lilacs and other tall shrubs
  • Lisi ogon – that is, an ordinary bent garden saw. It is enough if our trees are not big and old. If we buy combisystem, then the same saw will be used to cut even branches 4 meters above the ground. Do not choose saws small or with a folding blade – are inconvenient to use and it is better to use a two-handed secateurs instead
  • Hedge trimmer – ordinary ones are enough, if the hedge is not too long. Well, if they have a gear that facilitates cutting. Cutting a hedge is very tiring, because – although they are performed from time to time – when he has more than 20 meters in length, it is worth buying electric scissors

For the lawn:

  • Mower – its type depends on the size of the lawn we have. A simple cylinder mower and grass shears are enough to care for small home lawns. Larger ones require an electric mower, and if the lawn has more than 600 square meters we need to buy a petrol lawn mower
  • String trimmer – needed to cut grass in places, where the mower cannot get. The best is this, which has the diameter of the fishing line 2 mm – then it will not be a toy, but a permanent device
  • Rake – they will be useful when cleaning leaves from the lawn

For watering:

  • Watering can – it's best to buy a plastic one, because it is light. Its capacity should not be too large, because there is no need to carry several liters of water around the garden
  • Garden hoses, quick-release tips, watering guns – it's already standard. We choose a company, which has the greatest offer – We will definitely buy something more in the future
  • Sprinklers – both swinging and rotary ones will be useful
  • Sprinkler and irrigation hoses – They are perfect for growing vegetables and in gardens, dominated by flower beds

For general use:

  • Barrow – necessary even in a small garden and not for transporting soil. It helps to transport freshly purchased plants, but it's also perfect for carrying heavy tools, watering cans or material for the edge of the rebate
  • Pressure sprayer – a basic tool to fight pests and diseases. It is best to buy a model with a capacity of approx 5 liters – bigger are heavier, and we rarely use a large amount of funds. These are good, which have many interchangeable nozzles and extensions. Fruit garden owners must reach with the tip of the sprayer at least 3 metry

A very important thing – though it is rarely given importance – is protective clothing, yet it is not difficult to find an accident in the garden. So let's buy some basic accessories first: cotton gloves for more delicate work, leather gloves – helpful for prickly shrubs – and goggles.

Specials are also necessary knee pads protecting these sensitive joints from cooling down. If we work a lot in the garden, it is also worth buying a protective suit, the. dungarees. Protective gloves are required for spraying, masks and disposable cover, e.g.. thin foil raincoats.

Another hoe is missing here – it is useful for removing weeds, creating grooves for seeds and loosening the soil ­čÖé

Chainsaws will come in handy for pruning trees, which are characterized by a perfect combination of power, lightness and maneuverability, making them ideal for limbing and plant care, olive trees and fruit trees.