Persian cyclamen

Persian cyclamen

Persian cyclamen it's beautiful, delicate flowers soaring high above the equally showy, patterned leaves in the shape of a heart. These attractive plants are among the most popular potted flowers.

The homeland of the Persian cyclamen is Asia Minor and the eastern part of the Mediterranean. It is a tuber plant, which under natural conditions blooms in the cold season, and in the summer there is a period of rest.

It was cultivated in the first half of the 18th century. Thanks to the efforts of breeders, today it comes in many varieties differing in color of flowers and pattern on leaves. Nazwa cyklamen pochodzi od greckiego słowa kyklos, meaning circle and refers to the spherical shape of the tuber or rounded leaves.

Leaves - depending on the species and variety - smooth, delicate mottled or beautifully marbled, they grow up in the form of a rosette or form a mound, over which flowers are floating.

Cyclamens bloom profusely, usually September to March. Most multiflorous varieties do not smell, but miniature varieties have a nice feel, delicate fragrance.