Everyone dreams of a beautiful and green lawn in front of their home. It is much easier to sow and care for it, than you often think.

We can find many varieties of grass in garden stores. It all depends on this, what do we want to use the lawn for and under what conditions it will be used. Usually, you can buy seed mixtures of various grasses in garden stores.

Grass mixtures

And so, if our lawn will not be used for any specific purposes, we also do not care about special decorative effects, then we can choose a universal mixture. A lawn from such a mixture is not difficult to maintain. However, it is resistant to trampling and mowing. It is a typical utility mix.

However, if we dream of a beautiful garden, then we should use a decorative mixture. The grasses from this mixture look much nicer and blend in better with the planted flowers. Just like a universal lawn, it is resistant to low mowing.

However, if we know, Someone in our house practices football extensively, or any other outdoor sport, we should invest in a sports lawn. The sports mixture grows quickly and is very resistant to trampling, or even plucking

Sowing and maintenance

Lawn, regardless of its type and purpose, it is best to put on in the spring, i.e.. at the turn of April and May. Just before sowing, it is worth loosening the soil like this, to break down its lumps. The soil should also be moist. On such prepared ground, grass can be sown by hand, be with a seeder. After sowing is completed, we should cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. This way we will prevent drying out, or wash them out of the soil.

Only then should the lawn be watered, when the earth dries up approx. 3 cm. We can water both with an ordinary garden hose with a spraying tip, and with the help of irrigation systems.

The lawn should not be taller, than 10-15 cm (depending on the mixture), therefore it should be mowed relatively often. Mowing promotes the growth of the grass, so the more we do it, the prettier the lawn will be.

A lawn for the winter

The lawn should be properly prepared in the fall. First of all, it should be fertilized in September with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. In October, the last mowing should be done. The grass should then be trimmed to four centimeters in length