Spring onions

Spring onions

We call spring onion young onion heads, regardless of the species. These are the annual fruits of this plant. They are perfect for further cultivation. Onions grown from spring onions are more resistant to frost,. It can also be collected earlier, than an onion grown from seed.

Spring onions. Planting

You don't have to own hectares of field, to grow the onion yourself. All you need is a plastic tray, which can be purchased at any garden store. We also need land, preferably slightly acidic, be indifferent. It is also worth taking care of this, that the land would be fertile, and permeable. The soil should be poured into the trough. A small recess should be made for each spring onion. Usually there are about four bulbs in a tray. Plant the bulbs in the hollows and lightly sprinkle them. Place the tray on the sunlit place on the windowsill, be a balcony. We plant the spring onions.

Growing spring onions

Spring onion is not a very demanding plant. It is enough to regularly loosen the soil with a hoe, water the emerging shoots, and use fertilizer if necessary. Ripe onions can be harvested in early autumn.