Pygmy hedgehog

Pygmy hedgehog

Before you make up your mind

Before buying a pygmy hedgehog you should:

  • Consider, do we have the right conditions for keeping the hedgehog. Large terrarium with additional heating.
  • Think about it, whether there will be time for daily water and food changes, and cleaning the litter box.
  • Consider, are we able to provide the future pet with the right food and diversify the diet.
  • Remember, that the hedgehogs are even alive 10 years, also, we should not treat them as "toys" for a while.

Pygmy hedgehog's abode

Hedgehog's apartment, it should be as high as possible. For one hedgehog, I offer a minimum of 80x40x40, because all the hedgehog's utensils must fit there. Also remember, that the hedgehog needs at least 20 ° C, to exist normally. Therefore, you can use heating cables under the terrarium or lighting in the form of a light bulb, Good ventilation of the terrarium is also necessary.

Pygmy hedgehog equipment

The most important piece of equipment, there is a house for our little one. It should be large and cozy. You can make it yourself from cardboard, or purchase the correct size at a pet store. You can put pieces of fleece material in it, so that our pet is soft and warm. As a bedding, I recommend dust-free sawdust.
A stable bowl should also be present in the terrarium, preferably ceramic and drinkers. It's worth it too, think about a spinning wheel( necessarily filled, or interwoven fabric, so that the hedgehog does not hurt itself), if we do not want our language to have health problems. You can also spice up his playtime with a couple of teddy bears, TUNNEL, stones or footbridges.

Oswajanie jeża pygmejskiego

Taming a hedgehog is not too burdensome or threatening because hedgehogs are rather peaceful (albeit often timid) creatures.

The first day in a new home is a huge stress and there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • We do not torment the hedgehog during the first days with unnecessary contact, overlapping, etc.;
  • For the first few days in the new environment, the hedgehog may eat little and not leave the house, don't worry about it, as soon as the hedgehog feels confident and safe, everything will normalize;
  • It is a good idea to put some clothes with our scent in the terrarium so that our new pet gets used to it.;
  • Don't worry about the foam that is applied to the spikes, THIS IS NOT RABBIT. This species reacts in this way when it comes into contact with a new fragrance, object or environment, and it is a completely natural activity;
  • When the hedgehog is probably walking around the terrarium, you can try to interact with it by taking it in your arms, it is best to do this by placing your hands on the sides under the hedgehog, If the hedgehog is escaping home, we leave it alone and try the next day, NOTHING BY FORCE;
  • Do not tear the tongue from sleep because it will not affect the results of taming, it should be remembered that it is a nocturnal animal and it is in the evening hours that it is best to pick it up and let it out on the run;
  • A hedgehog that does not curl into a ball and does not yell at us when we try to take it out of the terrarium, we can consider as tame.