Balcony furnishings, loggii, the terrace.

Balcony furnishings , loggii, the terrace.

Appropriate management is of great importance – "equipment" – small balconies or loggias and larger terraces. Being comfortably on the balcony requires equipment of the highest standard by simple means. The type of furniture must meet the conditions dictated by the small area: rather garden furniture, e.g.. wicker, folded and specially made, light, permanently, functional.

Some users of balconies with openwork railings, wishing to isolate themselves from the insight into their recreational life, they make covers. They are also practical protection against wind and dust. Plastic corrugated sheets are best suited for this purpose, plastic film, strong canvas, suspended stretchers. The color stain of the balcony enclosure should not aggressively disturb the order of the facade. The screens made of foil and plastic plates are resistant to weather conditions and do not require disassembly for the winter period.

The canvas curtain is laced to the balustrade structure. The fastening cables are intertwined through holes secured with metal eyelets, tightened into the double-stitched edges of the cover. This type of cover should be protected against long-term exposure to water, by taking them off before the wet autumn / winter period.

You can also hang stretchers on the balustrade, made of a frame made of slats, covered on both sides with leather or thin oilcloth or covered with plywood impregnated with colorless varnish.

The simplest pieces of furniture are tables, stools and shelves. The tables can be hung on the balustrade or standing. The hanging table can be made of chipboard thick 12-18 mm, covered with laminate or painted with varnish or oil paint. The hangers are made of a flat bar 4×30 mm and fastened with screws to the plate or bracket. The edges can be finished with a strip of thick plywood 5 mm, wider than the thickness of the slab at least by 5 mm; this is to prevent the glasses from slipping. The end of the hanger should be adjusted to the shape of the balustrade. Metal part of the table (hangers) protects against corrosion by painting with nitro varnish in a color matching the railing and table top.

A table made of pine boards or chipboard with a wood-like veneer, painted with colored nitro varnish or oil paint is shown in the picture.

The table for the lounge area under the umbrella is made of chipboard and stiles made of pine wood. The holes for the umbrella pole should be drilled after carefully checking its diameter; it should be slightly larger than the bar diameter.

For sitting – next to the sun loungers – it is best to provide stools. Such a stool, made of pine boards or chipboard with a wood-like veneer, it has a sponge seat covered with strong linen, connected to the base by round pins made of hard wood (oak) wood. When using the board, paint its surface with colored nitro varnish or oil paint.

Unusual deckchair, shown in the picture, can be made on your own: three wooden frames, connected with hinges, they are covered with strong sailcloth or linen, lounger. Two movable legs connect metal pins with the frame (from an iron rod). The same type of pins connects the footrest frame with the seat frame.