Country style garden

Country style garden

Rural gardens are work and work again, which, however, gives a lot of satisfaction. Every effort put into caring for various plants will be rewarded with a view of a colorfully blooming garden. There are no set rules here, although traditionally many of the plants grown in rural gardens are herbaceous, both perennials, as well as annual or biennial plants. Roses, vegetables, Fruit bushes and herbs mix with each other here and no one is surprised, when e.g.. tropical butterfly (Alchemilla soft) hangs just above the path.

Planning a country garden:

• Let's start with clearing the area of ​​perennial weeds.

• Plant perennial plants at this distance, to reduce the need for annual pruning.

• Remove dead flowers.

• Plants, which sow by themselves, can be just as bothersome, like weeds – keep an eye on them and reduce them if necessary.

• Remember to grow plants with fragrant flowers and leaves.

The most important works

• Spring, summer and autumn: weeding and staking;

• spring: dividing plants;

• side: removal of dead flowers.

Countryside gardens require virtually constant care and are unlikely to be suitable for people, who do not have too much free time.